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Do I have to design the gear myself?

No, our designer will do all the work! But keep in mind, the more in depth and descriptive you are, the better your gear will turn out. Pictures, colors, textures, etc - will help us, help you!

How do I get VIP status and what does it offer?

VIP status is automatic when you spend $100 or more! VIP perks include cheaper Priority Queue, VIP discord channels including Sneak Peaks, and a golden VIP tag ingame and in Discord.

Is Donator Gear permanent?

Yes, all gear is permanent! The only donator perk that is not permanent is Priority Queue. If your group is inactive we may remove your gear from the mod but keep it saved to keep the mod size as low as possible. 

Can I revise my gear?

Yes, you may revise your gear. Our designers will work with you to make it perfect before adding it to the server, any revisions after that will come with a fee due to the nature of creating the gear.   

Can I move my Donator Gear to another server?

Yes and no. You may only move Donator Gear a week before wipe. This is to keep the mod size low and avoid deleting gear other players may be wearing (which will delete all items in them as well).

Do I spawn in my Donator Gear?

No, you will not spawn with your gear. All gear will be available in trader to prevent pay-to-win! The only item you may spawn with are reskinned knives.

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