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General Information:

Ground Zero has a custom crafting workbench that can be used for many different things to help you and your team.

Base Items:

  • Crafting Workbench

  • Toolset (Find/Flea only)

  • Table Saw

  • Grinder

Other Items:

  • LEDX (Medical Items)

  • Bulbex Cablecutter (AP Ammo)

  • Leather Sewing Kit

Attach all Base Items to the Crafting Workbench and keep all Other Items inside of the Crafting Workbench. Place all necessary items inside of the Crafting Workbench and press 'F' while looking at it. Press Recipes on the top left and select the item you want to craft. Press the green check mark and the item will be on the ground next to you.

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