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General Information: Ground Zero Servers use the mod Cannabis Plus, this is our in depth guide.


1. Get a greenhouse or planter box

2. Fertilize using garden lime or plant material

3. Plant the seeds

4. Water the seeds

5. Wait for them to grow all the way

6. Look at the base of the plant to get the option to ‘Harvest Raw Plant’.

7. Make a ‘Dry Post’ out of a log and rope.

8. Hang your raw plants on your Drying Post and activate the drying process.

9. Collect your bud from the inventory of the Drying Post. Note: Dried Plants can be discarded for the time being.


1. Craft (10 planks and 20 nails) or buy a Workbench Kit and place it.

2. Attach a Vacuum Sealer, Car/Truck Battery, Empty Plastic Bags and bud.

3. Select the action to start sealing baggies.

4. Attach a Wrapping Machine, Car/Truck Battery, Plastic Roll and baggies of weed.

5. Select the action to start wrapping bricks.

Video Guide:

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