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General Information:

• There are five different types of keycards. Each keycard shows which rooms it goes to.

• Each location can only be accessed by a specified tier of keycard.

• The red tipped key ("high value key") is for the red keycard rooms. The red keycard is the only room that requires a key and keycard.

• Keycards and keys can be found in airdrops and king of the hills or around the map.

Keycard Rooms:

• Each keycard room requires 1 keycard and the red keycard also requires 1 key. The keycard unlocks the door and the crate will open. The red keycard room requires the key to open the military crate.

• When a player leaves the area, the room will automatically shut and lock. (Not the crate).

• All keycard rooms are located in the prison cell with prisons at their designated locations, check that the crate is CLOSED. If its open, it has already been looted.


• When using a keycard, an alarm will sound that can be heard up to 1500m away.

• If a key is used, the crate will remain OPEN until server restart. Keycard Map:

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