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General Information: There are many keys that you can find around the map the open various things. We will go over all of them in this guide. Room Keys: • There are 11 room specific keys. These keys will have the location and room number on them (if applicable).

• If the key has a building number on it, the building number can be seen on the building. • If the key has a room number on it, the room number can be seen on the door inside the building.

• The doors cannot be seen through, so opening these rooms is a gamble of whether they have been looted already or not.

• These rooms contain mid to high tier loot.

Safe Key: • The safe key unlocks any safe found around the map (not including player owned ones).

• These safes can be found around the map in various areas.

• Safes contain high tier loot.

Cash Register Key:

• The cash register key unlocks any cash register found around the map (not including vanilla ones).

• The cash registers can be found in various areas around the map.

• Cash registers may contain anywhere from $1 to $100,000.

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