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General Information

• Only doors can be raided (walls/windows will not be damaged).

• Raiding is disabled during the weekdays.

• Soft raiding is allowed 24/7. (Dismantling walls, crawling through gaps, etc).

• Glitching into a base WILL get you banned. Glitching is anything that may involve you needing to log in or out to access a part of a base, being “pushed” into a base, getting knocked unconscious to get inside, etc.)

• If you get inside a base and cannot get out, you must F11. Admins will not TP you out even if it was an accident.

• Record your raids! If you soft raid, record your entry and exit as well as you/your team looting to prove you’re not griefing, glitching, or breaking any rules.

• Raiding starts 8pm EST on Friday nights and ends at 8PM Sunday night.

Raiding Tools

There are 5 raiding tools total (for base raids). Raid sledges, raidsaws, blowtorches, homemade breaching charges, and heavy breaching charges. Raidsaws and blowtorches are the ONLY raid tools that can be used during week days.


• Safes - Can be raided with blowtorches.

• Tents - Can be raided with raidsaws.

• Tier 1 (Wood) - Can be raided with raid sledges, 1 heavy charge, or 1 homemade charge.

• Tier 2 (Metal) - Can be raided with 1 heavy charge or 2 homemade charges.

• Tier 3 (Concrete) - Can be raided with 2 heavy charges or 4 homemade charges.

Homemade Breaching Charge

• Charcoalpowder + Sulfurpowder = Gunpowder

• 5x Gunpowder + Burlap Sack = Explosive

• Explosive + Radio = Breachingcharge

Heavy Breaching Charge

• 2x Single Stick of C4 + Duct Tape = C4 Sticks

• Detonator + C4 Sticks = C4 with no wiring

• C4 with no wiring + Electronic Repair Kit = Heavy Breachingcharge

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